Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Moment of Truth

Terry and Patti Shulman made it official today. Here's their letter. They plan to take $1245 of our $1250 security deposit. So they apparently plan to give us $5 of our $1250 back (although we haven't actually received that $5 yet).

Here's what Terry wrote:

1) Repair animal damage to upstairs wall corner bead in bedroom. Four hours labor at $65 per hour = $260 + $25 materials = $285
2) Additional cleaning done to remove food stains on dining room floor and upstairs back bedroom; removal of tenant-added shelf, re-plaster holes and repaint. Four hours labor at $65 = $260
3) Remove overgrown weeds, trees, and vines covering fences, established trees, borders, and sides of house in front and back, remove debris pile. Fourteen hours labor at $50 per hour = $700

One interesting thing is that when Terry Shulman does wallpaper he charges $65 per hour, but he only charges $50 an hour for yard work. Wow, that's a good deal. (Nice work if you can get it).

Item (1) is the wallpaper. This was extremely old and peeling at every seam, as discussed below and can be seen in these pictures.

Who knows what item (2) is? The house was spotless as can be seen in the move-out pictures. Terry did not mention any of these things in the move-out video.

Item (3) is also nonsense. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the lease only says that lawn care was the tenant's responsibility. Other yard care was the landlord's.

What Terry Shulman and Patti Shulman are doing here is wrong. They should return our money.