Friday, August 27, 2010

On to Court?

Here's the email I sent today:

Dear Terry and Patti Shulman,

I have received the check you sent for the $5 you have returned of our security deposit. I plan to take the issue to court unless you return the remaining $1245.

According to the receipt you sent, you

1) charged us for torn wallpaper. This wall paper is extremely old and peeling at every seam. We are certainly not responsible for this. The move-out pictures show this.
2) charged us for cleaning. The house was spotless. The pictures show this. No mention was made about any needed cleaning at the move-out inspection, or in the move-out video.
3) charged us for yard work. The grass was cut as required in the lease. The lease leaves other yard work to the landlords.

The pictures and move-out video can be found on my blog (just google "Terry and Patti Shulman").

The court will be interested in the above points, together with

1) the fact that there was no move-in inspection, as required by Virginia law,
2) the fact that the receipt was written by Niche Properties to Terry Shulman, that is, from Terry Shulman to himself - but apparently trying to disguise this fact.

If you do not send a check for $1245 immediately you should both prepare to address these points in court.


Craig Larson